Bachelor of Physiotherapy, HCPC and CSP registered

Musculoskeletal and neuro-rehab specialist

Raj qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2000 and worked internationally before moving to UK in 2005. Since then, Raj been providing physiotherapy specialist assessment and treatment both NHS and Private patient’s in clinic and home settings. Raj is strong believer of life long learning and his expertise includes in the field of Musculoskeletal conditions, Orthopaedics and trauma, Post discharge care, palliative and neuro rehabilitation.  He understands the client focussed intervention and he tailors his approach for each individual with evidence based intervention depending on their needs and preference. Physiotherapy intervention to relieve chronic back pain is his special area of expertise and he has helped numerous patients with promising results.


HCPC and CSP registered

Bobby has been a Physiotherapist for last eight years with experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams across NHS and private sector. His areas of expertise are rehabilitaion following orthopedic surgeries like backs and joint replacements, muskuloskeletal conditions, stroke, amputations etc. He is competent in developing and implementing the rehabilitaion plans. Bobby covers North-east London and Essex within commutable distance. He has a pleasant personalty and gets regular appreciation from patients bout his dedication and knowledge.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy, HCPC registered

Vinod qualified in India as a Physiotherapist in 2000 and started working with NHS in 2007. He has experience in working in a variety of different specialties within the NHS as well as the private sector over the years in junior and senior level. Specialties include musculoskeletal, neurological, rehabilitation, care of the elderly, falls prevention, balance training, orthopeadic conditions and community rehabilitation. Neuro-rehabilitation included work with patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, stroke patients and Multiple Sclerosis etc. He is skilled in rehabilitation of elderly patients with generalised deconditioning, falls, joint replacement, fractures and reduced mobility.  As well as working for UKhome Physio , Vinod currently works as a senior Physiotherapist with NHS in a community rehabilitation team.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy, HCPC and CSP registered

Lead Physio

Mani has seventeen years of experience in providing Physiotherapy assessment and treatment to patients in NHS and private settings. The areas of expertise are elderly care, musculoskeletal conditions, elective and trauma orthopaedics, falls, out of hospital care, post-cancer rehabilitation, palliative care and neuro-rehabilitation. She is a trained Dementia specialist and possess excellent knowledge about the condition including the techniques to engage with patients. Her expertise also includes providing training to carers, care home staff, family members, equipment prescription, assessment, training and advice. Having worked in both wards and community, she understands the importance of rehabilitation needed to get patients back to the previous level of function and mobility. Strong inter-personal skills and a caring attitude has given her the ability to strike great rapport with patients. Mani’s approach is holistic thus, treating patient to achieve optimal health. In addition to providing treatment for above conditions, Mani is also skilled in therapeutic massage to relieve spasms and pain. Each day is a new learning experience, and she endeavours to provide treatment based on sound clinical evidence. Mani has worked with numerous case management clients and rehabilitation managers taking on medico-legal cases and writing reports for the solicitors and court cases. 

Amy Wolfe

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, HCPC and CSP registered

Amy qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2015 initially working in NHS hospitals in respiratory, trauma and orthopaedics. She moved into community paediatrics in 2016 and then neurological paediatrics in 2019. Amy worked on the intensive care wards during the Covid-19 pandemic with elderly patients. Amy’s expertise includes neuro rehabilitation, falls prevention and rehabilitation, orthopaedics, and paediatrics. As well as working for UKhome Physio, Amy currently works at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children in the neuromuscular research team. She has a friendly personality and positive attitude and is passionate about using up to date research to provide the best possible care to her patients.

Evelin Milev

Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, BSc, HCPC, CSP and APCP registered

Evo has been a qualified physiotherapist since 2014. His expertise is in neurology and neuromuscular conditions in children and young adults. Evo is a full-time research physiotherapist, and an author of several papers in neuromuscular diseases. He has presented his work at numerous events and academic conferences around the globe. Evo graduated with Master’s degree in paediatric physiotherapy from University College London in 2021. Apart from academia, he is regularly involved in the outpatient clinics at a tertiary NHS hospital where he works. His other interests are in sport and sport injuries and prevention, exercise physio, balance and falls prevention. During the COVID19 pandemic, Evo volunteered for 3 months at Royal Free hospital and worked in the COVID Intensive Care Units. In his spare time, Evo is a keen trail ultramarathon runner, mountain hiker and climber.

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