Elderly Care and Rehabilitation


Elderly Care and Rehabilitation

Falls are the major cause of fractures, reduced mobility, function, confidence and abilities in elderly. This can have a major impact on your life and finances due to increased care costs. Dementia, urinary tract infections, fractures and long term medical conditions have an impact on your abilities to live independently. We have very experienced Physiotherapists specialising in elderly care who can help you to reduce the care by improving mobility, strength, balance and function. 

We can assess your environment to make it safe and obstacle free. A personalised rehabilitation plan will be developed to provide advice and training on the use of aids, exercises to improve balance, activity tolerance, outdoor mobility, training to the carers and family members.  We are able to visit, home, nursing or residential homes or any place of your preference. To find out more about our services or how we can help you, please email us at info@ukhomephysio.co.uk or call 03337729102.


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